Thursday, April 8, 2010


4 days until school starts....and counting the minutes.

These holidays are dragging their little butts so I have arranged a playdate here today, 2 here tomorrow, we have a  birthday on Saturday and another playdate at someone elses place on bed early and off to school on Monday...BLISSSSSS....can't wait!!!

I will have to iron a shitload on Monday (excuse the mild swearing but keeping it all inside these past years it tends to come out in my writing...) and on Tuesday am going to Casentino where they have this HUGE warehouse full to the brim of vintage fabrics, clothing, accessories, books, name it...they got it!

I also have to finish 3 monster plush, a handbag and shoes I was commissioned to do over easter, so let's hope the kids and the weather cooperate in the next couple of days.

We are now off to have breakfast in town.....cappucinos and crunchy cream filled pastries...YUM! Just what I needed after a week of chocolate! Ya gotta do what ya gotta do!!


  1. What time on Tues. are we going to Casentino!? LOL!
    Take some pics!!!! More pics!!!! =)

  2. Am going with my Mum at about you there???
    Will post pics as soon as I come home...just for you my dear!!!

  3. Yipee!!! I guess I won't intrude on your Mom time! ;) But the pics are a MUST!!!! (and rolling countryside wouldn't hurt either!!!)


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