Saturday, March 13, 2010

I am button Crazy....!

Haven't done any sewing since thursday, have been banned as my son is having his 7th birthday party tomorrow downstairs in the playroom ( sewing room), so I spent all day yesterday putting my fabrics away...yes. it took that long. I can't throw ANYTHING away.


I also realised that I am button crazy...I just LOVE LOVE LOVE buttons, especially vintage ones. I went to my MIL's 2 weeks ago and raided her attic. I pulled ALL the buttons off ALL the jackets and even convinced her to throw some stuff away, so she was happy that I helped her clear the stuff out...and I was happy that I went home with a bag full of buttons and fabric scraps!!!

After tomorrows crazy kid day, oh and Monday's dentist appointment, I am finally going to put up some of my dollies on Etsy..... until then, addios!

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