Friday, March 19, 2010

life just gets in the way sometimes!

I've been cooped up all day...something about dreary days does this to me.

We had PWK over for dinner tonight and they just left...which also interrupted a possibly productive day...I spent all afternoon helping with homework then with the kids napping, me cleaning then cooking a 3 course meal which I started at 6pm.....all turned out well!

...and I've come up with some new stuff, just have to add finishing touches and will post pics...although I have another birthday party tomorrow, and a dinner at my English friend Tracy's PLUS I ended up going to bed after 1.30am last night, I don't know how long my poor body can cope. But I have been extremely busy and am very satisfied. keep an eye out for the Dandy Dolls...they will be here soon.....well as soon as I get enough sleep that my hands don't tremor and I don't see double any more.... ;-)

Ahhhh, might just go to bed now (I spy my husband asleep on the couch already).....we'll see!

sogni d'oro....

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