Thursday, March 25, 2010

What am I getting myself into...??

So! The holidays start tomorrow and I'll have the kids 24/7 until 12th April...that's fine and I can deal with that as they ARE my kids...BUT, tomorrow I have Mum, Dad and tweenager nephew arriving into Rome and I just couldn't be bothered to clean up my studio AGAIN! We are also having a humungous Easter Party here next week with over 25 ex pats PLUS Italians and it would normally seem daunting but this year it is going to be really special....

Thinking of giving all the kiddies a Beaster Bunny each, we'll see if I find the time to make 15 but with all the kids and family here it may not pan out that way!!

Yesterday I made this lyrical singer, can you get past the initial reaction of it looking closely like a "blow-up doll" or come to think of it...Betty Boop on acid??....still have to come up with a name for it..any suggestions????


  1. blow up doll!!!! Bahahahahahhaaha!!! I didn't think if that till you said it!!! Sooo funny!!! Love it!!! Name it and list it, girl! =)

  2. Hee hee, thanks Jenni!! Having a bit of trouble figuring out it's gender too ;-) will list today after parents arrive, have been frantically cleaning the house since 7am!!! waiting on you to list your latest and greatest...

  3. LOL! Listed 2 and sold them already...check out my sold stuff.... =)

  4. Good on ya girl! maybe all that free publicity you've been getting lately is helping ;-)


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