Tuesday, March 23, 2010

so pheasants do crow....

...and they've been crowing all day!!

I had BIG plans today but when I went to pick up my son from school he asked me if he could bring a friend home..."sure" I said and went on to explain to his mother that I would bring him home later as I had to pop out and do some shopping, the teacher butted in and remimded me that I had a meeting in 10 minutes at the school for a project we are working on....#@*!!! had to apologise to a mother, 2 boys and a teacher (because I was going to be late) and raced over to MIL's hoping she was home....she was thank goodness!! I then spent 2 hours listening to the Mayor promise a hole lot of bullshit, raced over to do some shopping, get the kids and make dinner..hubby is now arguing with the beings to brush their teeth and I still have to put the shopping away......UUFFFFAAAA!!!

But I did have time to finish Pablo this morning ;-)

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