Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring sprang....then ran

Well....all looked rosy this last week with the warmer air, blossoming cherry trees and the sun shining into the house after a few days of scary snowstorms, but now we are back to rain and wind.

Today is officially the first day of Spring here in the Tuscan hills but you wouldn't have known stepping outside this morning! We can still see remnants of snow on top of the hills in front of us and I have even put the fire back on!!

We are going to a children's soccer game in a few hours but I am dreading the thought already....I just wanna stay home and sew. Maybe I could get hubby to take the kids.......although that wouldn't be very social of me would it?
PS. and Mum, if you are reading this...yes, we are wearing our skivvies!!

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