Sunday, March 28, 2010

I caught a bug.....bugger!!!

I was just looking for some colourful art for my kitchen walls and found these....gorgeous mixed media collages OF kitchens!!

You may think I've been out absorbing the sunlight on my terrace but since my family arrived from Australia, I caught their jetlag (seriously!!) and some other virus thingy with sore throat, my daughter got a terrible stomach flu (won't go into detail), my husband has had stuff to do with his Archery club and I've been cooking non-stop and going to bed at 9pm! I'm so happy daylight saving arrived last night, now the days seem longer.

Had the usual Sunday 4 course lunch at MIL's then the usual children's birthday party until 7pm. I would love to do absolutely nothing but stay at home by myself on a Sunday and it's too late to start anything now at 11pm but I can't wait to start doing "stuff" tomorrow.......

Hang on!!! School is closed until 12th April! Bugger!!!

Off to eat some chocolate :P

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